Our Mission

to Contribute to broadening and strengthening friendship and mutual understanding between different nations and expand relations of Azerbaijan with the world countries by achieving recognition of its best art and culture samples in the international arena;
to Encourage exchanges and cooperation in education of culture, social sciences, and other fields of intercultural endeavor, on the basis of mutual benefit, by providing opportunities for and facilitating appropriate contacts and activities between institutions, organizations and individuals;
to Promote the communication on the emerging democratic changes in the civil society of Republic of Azerbaijan to the world community by increasing the international community awareness on the best examples of the Azerbaijani art and culture.
to Assist the citizens to learn the modern democratic values through the appreciation of the best translation works and dissemination of the best examples of Azerbaijan literature into foreign languages and vice versa.
to Promote the integration of the Republic of Azerbaijan into global cultural arena by holding events, classes, workshops and seminars of a cultural, educational and informational nature, and organizing the exhibitions of the world famous artists’ paintings in the Republic of Azerbaijan and assisting the popularization of Azerbaijani artists’ paintings abroad;

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