The project team of Sonmaz Mashal Cultural Relations Public Union has started realization of the project under the name of “Women Create! Creative Conversations on Gender Equity and Women’s Achievements in Azerbaijan” sponsored by the National Commission of UNESCO to the Republic of Azerbaijan and UNESCO.

Within the framework of the project 17 best emerging young woman artists and 17 woman writers were brought together in “Sevimli bala” by“Talent studo” of MMS for 4-day workshop on June 3-4 and 10-11.

These creative women worked together and responded to each other’s pieces on Azerbaijani women’s lives and issues of gender equity, thereby supporting and building creative “conversation” and awareness on themes of contemporary Azerbaijani women’s lives – their challenges and achievements.

The writers and artists discussed and drafted/drew works on themes of contemporary Azerbaijani women’s lives, their challenges and achievements.

They then responded to the themes and ideas developed in each other’s creative works in their own medium.

For example, first a poet and a visual artist responded in their respective mediums to a workshop discussion on contemporary Azerbaijani women’s challenges and accomplishments in the workplace.

Then, they created in response to each other’s pieces: the poet wrote a poem in conversation with the painter’s drawing; and the visual artist created drawing that responded to the poem.

These companion pieces (approximately 34 visual artworks and 34 poetry or short prose pieces) will be completed by the participants and then displayed together in a follow-up exhibition, with a public literary reading and opening at the end of the project activities planned to be in autumn .

All companion pieces will be published in book form, with a critical introduction.

All written work and visual artwork captions are translated into English for broader distribution ( the Embassies and the diplomatic corps of the foreign countries in Azerbaijan). The book-album to be published will also be sent to the libraries of the USA and electronic version of it will be placed on internet resources.