"A SMALL LIE" By Movlud Suleymanli (Film-tale)

At the height of the wedding party Skinny Man rising to his feet said to Ashug[1]:
-Ashug, tell me a lie that I could believe and not.
-Brother Skinny, - said Ashug, - One day my way lay across a field: there was neither a mountain nor a valley, neither a stone nor a tree around. It was midday. Suddenly a puppy barked in the sky.
-What barked?
-A puppy.
-Ashug, but I have had a word with you. In the sky a puppy can’t bark.
-I well know that it can’t.
-Why are you saying it then? Who will you convince of the truth of your words? -It was not that same, Brother Skinny. A kite clutching a puppy was hovering over my head. The puppy was barking in the sky and I raised my head to its bark, right?
2 -He put it right, - said Skinny Man, - I believed it but I didn’t believe it as well.

Translated from the Azerbaijani
By Mehriban Jafarzade, a Baku State University graduate in history.
Editor: Lala Mirjafarova
Baku, 2004.

[1] Ashug – Turkish folk poet and singer (Tr. note).